【英语中国】香港传媒大亨邵逸夫去世 享年107岁 Hong Kong Media Mogul Run Run Shaw Dies at 107

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2014-1-10 00:24

小艾摘要: Media titan Sir Run Run Shaw, who co-founded dominant broadcaster Television Broadcasts Ltd., died Tuesday morning at the age of 107, the company said. Sir Run Run was one of the key figures of Hong K ...
Hong Kong Media Mogul Run Run Shaw Dies at 107
Media titan Sir Run Run Shaw, who co-founded dominant broadcaster Television Broadcasts Ltd., died Tuesday morning at the age of 107, the company said.

Sir Run Run was one of the key figures of Hong Kong cinema, helping popularize martial-arts films like 'The One-Armed Swordsman' to Western audiences in the 1960s and '70s through his legendary Shaw Brothers film studio.

At his height, Sir Run Run produced more than 40 films a year, in genres that included costume epics and modern action films, according to an official biography. His martial-arts films, such as 1972's 'Five Fingers of Death,' have earned a cult following among many fans in the U.S. and other Western markets. His movies influenced Quentin Tarantino, John Woo and other leading directors.

He was known affectionately as 'Uncle Six,' because he was the sixth of seven children, and for his love for his many Rolls-Royce limousines.

In his later years, Sir Run Run delved into philanthropy, setting up the Shaw Prize in 2002 that began honoring individuals annually in 2004. The prize is often referred to as the Nobel Prize of Asia, although it recognizes scientists from across the globe with each individual award valued at as much as $1 million.

But he will be best remembered in Hong Kong for his role in bringing free television to the city in 1967, providing entertainment to millions of residents at a time of considerable social unrest and rampant poverty. Residents spent many weekday evenings watching 'Enjoy Yourself Tonight,' one of TVB's longest-running variety shows.

Sir Run Run, one of the founding directors at TVB, served as executive chairman for three decades as the broadcaster grew to become one of the world's biggest distributors of Chinese-language programming, while commanding a roughly 90% market share in Hong Kong's free-broadcast segment.

As he aged, Sir Run Run moved away from his regular work at TVB and in 2009 gave up his executive duties, serving as nonexecutive chairman, leaving his wife Mona Fong to oversee the broadcaster's day-to-day operations. He was renamed chairman emeritus in 2012.

Through his privately held Shaw Brothers (Hong Kong) Ltd., Sir Run Run was the biggest shareholder of TVB until 2011, when the company sold its 26% stake in TVB to a group of three investors that included HTC Corp. Chairwoman Cher Wang and private-equity firm Providence Equity Partners LLC.

Various official websites linked to his family business differ on Sir Run Run's year of birth, saying that he was born in China in 1906 or 1907. Sir Run Run left school at age 19 to join his brothers' film-distribution business, later moving to Hong Kong in 1959. He was knighted by Britain's Queen Elizabeth II in 1977.

Sir Run Run is survived by his second wife, Ms. Fong, as well as two sons and two daughters from his first wife, who died in 1987.

Associated Press图为邵逸夫与香港电影明星们的合影,照片拍摄于1959年。
据电视广播有限公司(Television Broadcasts Ltd., 简称:电视广播)公布,香港传媒大亨邵逸夫爵士(Sir Run Run Shaw)周二早晨去世,享年107岁。

REUTERS2010年9月28日,邵逸夫在香港出席邵逸夫奖颁奖典礼。邵逸夫是电视广播的联合创办人,也是香港电影业的重要人物之一。通过旗下的邵氏兄弟(Shaw Brothers)电影公司,他在上世纪60年代和70年代帮助《独臂刀》(The One-Armed Swordsman)等功夫片吸引了许多西方观众。

一份官方传记显示,在职业生涯的巅峰时期,邵逸夫爵士每年制片的电影超过40部,类型包括古装片和现代动作片。他制作的功夫片在美国和其他西方市场吸引了许多狂热的粉丝,一个例子就是1972年的《天下第一拳》(Five Fingers of Death)。他的电影影响了昆汀•塔伦蒂诺(Quentin Tarantino)、吴宇森(John Woo)等知名导演。


邵逸夫爵士晚年热衷于慈善,他在2002年设立了邵逸夫奖(Shaw Prize),并从2004年开始每年进行针对个人的授奖。邵逸夫奖通常被称为“亚洲的诺贝尔奖”,但该奖可以授予全球范围内的科学家,每个奖项的奖金都高达100万美元。

图为邵逸夫在香港参加邵逸夫奖颁奖典礼,照片拍摄于2011年。但是在香港,邵逸夫最令人缅怀的举动将是1967年在本地推出免费电视服务,在社会动荡不安、贫困现象普遍之时为数百万香港市民提供了娱乐节目。很多工作日的晚上,居民们都可以收看到《欢乐今宵》(Enjoy Yourself Tonight),这是电视广播播出时间最长的综艺节目之一。


随着日渐高龄,邵逸夫退出了在电视广播的日常工作,2009年放弃了管理职责,转而担任非执行主席,让自己的太太方逸华(Mona Fong)负责电视广播的日常运营工作。2012年,邵逸夫被任命为荣誉主席。

ZUMAPRESS.com邵逸夫爵士(左)与妻子方逸华的合影,照片拍摄于2011年。通过其私人所有的邵氏兄弟(香港)有限公司(Shaw Brothers (Hong Kong) Ltd.),邵逸夫在2011年之前曾是电视广播的最大股东。2011年,邵氏兄弟(香港)有限公司将所持电视广播的26%股权出售给由三位投资者组成的收购团,其中包括宏达国际(HTC Corp.)董事长王雪红(Cher Wang)和私募股权公司Providence Equity Partners LLC。

链接到邵逸夫家族企业的各官方网站对邵逸夫的出生年份说法不一,说他1906年或1907年出生于中国。邵逸夫19岁时离开学校,加盟其兄的电影发行业务,后来于1959年迁至香港。1977年,英国女王伊丽莎白二世(Queen Elizabeth II)授予其爵位。


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