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2014-1-10 08:39

小艾摘要: Greenland Holdings Group, the Chinese state-owned real estate developer, has bought a historic brewery site in southwest London from developer Minerva, in its first UK deal.Minerva won planning permis ...
Greenland snaps up historic London brewery site
Greenland Holdings Group, the Chinese state-owned real estate developer, has bought a historic brewery site in southwest London from developer Minerva, in its first UK deal.

Minerva won planning permission last summer for 661 new homes on the Ram Brewery site in Wandsworth, including a 36-storey residential tower. The £600m, 90,000 sq ft scheme will also include new shops, restaurants and bars, and a microbrewery.

The existing buildings, formerly the home of brewery and pub chain Young & Co, will be restored to create a brewing museum. The Ram site is reputed to be Britain’s oldest continually operating brewing site, with activity dating back to the 16th century.

Asian property companies have been rushing to invest in London in recent months. Hong Kong billionaire Henry Cheng Kar-Shun bought Quintain out of its Greenwich Peninsula site for £186m in November, while Chinese investor Xu Weiping has ambitious plans to redevelop the Royal Albert Docks site in east London. Chinese developer Zhongrong Group is aiming to build a replica of south London’s Crystal Palace, the Victorian attraction.

Jones Lang LaSalle and Savills acted for Minerva. Guy Grainger, UK chief executive of JLL, said the deal was “a landmark transaction for the London residential market”.

“The deal further highlights London as the number one destination for international capital,” he said.

Greenland has about 600m sq ft of commercial and residential space under construction in 80 Chinese cities, and projects in South Korea, Thailand, Australia and the US. It acquired the Atlantic Yards site in Brooklyn, New York, in October in the largest Chinese-backed US commercial real estate deal to date.

Minerva was acquired by a consortium led by investment group Delancey and private equity firm Area Property in 2011

Paul Goswell, Delancey’s managing director, said: “Since acquiring Minerva two years ago, we have worked hard to comprehensively redesign the original scheme, which culminated in planning consent being secured in December. Our strategy had been to implement the scheme ourselves, possibly with a partner, but that changed when Greenland made their unsolicited proposal.”

Zhang Yuliang, chairman and president of Greenland, said: “London is the global financial centre as well as the most open and diversified city that enjoys the most mature economic development, making it the first option for our investment in Europe.”

British trade promotion body UKTI lobbied the Chinese to attract the investment along with London mayor Boris Johnson. Lord Livingston, minister for trade and investment, said: “I am delighted to welcome the first UK acquisition from Greenland and that UKTI has helped make this happen, in partnership with the mayor of London’s office and other organisations.”

中国国有房地产开发商绿地控股集团有限公司(Greenland Holdings Group)从开发商Minerva手中,购入伦敦西南部的一处具有历史意义的啤酒厂地块,这是绿地在英国的首笔交易。

去年夏季,Minerva赢得了位于万斯沃斯的Ram啤酒厂(Ram Brewery)开发项目的规划许可,将新建661套住房,包括一栋36层的住宅楼。这个价值6亿英镑的项目,还将包括新的商铺、餐厅和酒吧以及一家微型啤酒厂。

现有建筑物(曾经是啤酒和酒吧连锁Young & Co的所在地)将被复原,以建造一个啤酒博物馆。Ram啤酒厂地块被誉为英国最古老的持续经营的酿酒地,最早可以回溯到16世纪。

最近几个月,亚洲房地产公司竞相到伦敦投资。去年11月,香港亿万富豪郑家纯(Henry Cheng Kar-Shun)以1.86亿英镑购入Quintain所持Greenwich Peninsula项目的剩余股权,从而全资拥有该项目。中国投资者许卫平也雄心勃勃地打算重新开发伦敦东部的皇家阿尔伯特码头(Royal Albert Dock)。中国开发商中融集团(Zhongrong Group)计划重建伦敦南部的水晶宫(Crystal Palace),那里曾经是维多利亚女王(Queen Victoria)时代的一处胜地。

仲量联行(Jones Lang LaSalle)和第一太平戴维斯(Savills)担任Minerva的代理。仲量联行英国首席执行官盖伊?格兰杰(Guy Grainger)表示,绿城这笔交易是“伦敦住宅市场上一笔具有里程碑意义的交易”。


绿地在中国80个城市的在建商业和住宅面积约为6亿平方英尺,同时在韩国、泰国、澳大利亚和美国也有项目。去年10月,该集团购入纽约布鲁克林Atlantic Yards项目,是迄今为止中资企业在美国市场上发起的规模最大的商业地产交易。

2011年,Minerva被一个由投资集团Delancey和私人股本公司Area Property牵头的财团收购。

Delancey董事总经理保罗?高斯威尔(Paul Goswell)表示:“自从两年前收购Minerva以来,我们一直努力对最初的计划进行全面的重新设计,终于在去年12月获得规划许可。我们原本的策略是自己开发,也可能引入合作伙伴,但当绿地提出主动收购方案时,情况发生了变化。”


英国贸易促进机构——英国贸易投资总署(UKTI)曾与伦敦市长鲍里斯?约翰逊( Boris Johnson)一道游说中方,以吸引这笔投资。英国贸易和投资大臣利文斯顿勋爵(Lord Livingston)表示:“我很高兴地欢迎绿地在英国发起首笔收购,英国贸易投资总署与伦敦市长办公室等机构合作,帮助达成了这笔收购。”


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