【英语中国】罗宾斯:中国股票“特别便宜” Premier: China looks ‘particularly cheap’

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2014-5-13 06:54

小艾摘要: Premier Asset Management’s Jake Robbins has bought into a Chinese bank in spite of negative sentiment towards the banking sector in the world’s second-largest economy.The manager of the £72.7m Prem ...
Premier: China looks ‘particularly cheap’
Premier Asset Management’s Jake Robbins has bought into a Chinese bank in spite of negative sentiment towards the banking sector in the world’s second-largest economy.

The manager of the £72.7m Premier Global Alpha Growth fund has invested in China Construction Bank (CCB) even though there are fears that more of the country’s banks will be forced to take losses on bad loans. The government has indicated several times that it is prepared to let loans and bonds default in order to improve the Chinese bond market.

Mr Robbins says: “CCB shares have been poor and people are concerned that bad loans will pick up, and I think they will overall, but CCB has loan coverage of more than 200 per cent.

“It is currently very profitable with a 20 per cent return on equity, but it is trading at less than book value. The market has priced in a huge blow-up of the Chinese economy.”

The manager had 22 per cent of his portfolio invested in Asia at the end of March 2014 and says China looked “particularly cheap”.

“Valuations there are easy to buy and at very attractive yields,” he adds. “There is a lot of value in emerging markets in general but something needs to change sentiment wise, and I am not sure what that is. Chinese stimulus could do it, but until then it could stay cheap for a bit.”

Mr Robbins also questions the wisdom of asset allocators piling into Europe to back its economic recovery, arguing that it is “difficult to find” good-value opportunities that are not priced as if the economy is going to “blow the lights out”.

He says some industrial companies were reporting results that are “not very good”, which could threaten the fragile cyclical recovery on the continent.

Elsewhere in his portfolio, Mr Robbins has reduced an underweight position in oil and gas stocks through the purchases of three companies specialising in shale-gas development.

The manager has added holdings in Helmerich & Payne and EOG Resources, which are heavily involved in the production of shale gas in the US. He has also bought into Beach Energy, an Australian drilling company at the forefront of that country’s fledgling shale-gas industry.

“Beach Energy was the first company with rights to develop shale-gas drilling in Australia,” Mr Robbins says.

“The issue is trying to ascertain whether that is commercially viable. The Australian government has signed a lot of agreements to sell gas into Asia and is committed to exporting that. It is a high-risk position, but none of that potential from shale gas is in the share price.”

The manager says the improving global economy could prove a positive catalyst for the oil price, while the potential stepping up of sanctions against Russia imposed by Europe and the US could also be positive for the price of oil “in the short term”.

Since Mr Robbins took on the Global Alpha Growth fund in November 2011 it has posted a third-quartile gain of 32.2 per cent, compared with the IMA Global sector average of 35.1 per cent, according to data from FE Analytics.

Nick Reeve is deputy news editor at Investment Adviser

Premier Asset Management的杰克?罗宾斯(Jake Robbins)买入了中国一家银行的股票,尽管市场对全球第二大经济体的银行业的看法较为负面。

罗宾斯是资产达7270万英镑的Premier Global Alpha Growth基金的基金经理。他买入了中国建设银行(CCB)的股票,尽管有些人担心中国银行业将不得不承受坏账损失。中国政府多次表示准备听任问题贷款和债券违约,以改善国内债券市场的环境。








他增持了Helmerich & Payne和依欧格资源公司(EOG Resources)的股票,这两家公司都积极参与美国的页岩气生产。他还买入了澳大利亚钻井公司海滩能源(Beach Energy)的股票,该公司处于澳大利亚新兴的页岩气行业的最前沿。




FE Analytics的数据显示,自2011年11月罗宾斯接管Premier Global Alpha Growth基金以来,该基金的累计回报率为32.2%,在行业内回报率分布中处于第三四分位,而英国投资管理协会(IMA)全球行业平均回报率为35.1%。

本文作者为英国《金融时报》旗下刊物Investment Adviser的新闻副主编


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