【英语中国】中国官方媒体发布防恐指南 Chinese State Media Advises Citizens on How to Cope With Terror Attacks

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2014-5-23 18:27

小艾摘要: Amid a growing sense among Chinese that their country is no longer as safe as it used to be, Chinese state media has issued safety guidelines for citizens. On Thursday Chinese state television broadca ...
Chinese State Media Advises Citizens on How to Cope With Terror Attacks
Amid a growing sense among Chinese that their country is no longer as safe as it used to be, Chinese state media has issued safety guidelines for citizens.

On Thursday Chinese state television broadcaster CCTV posted a series of nine slides to its verified microblog on Sina Corp's Weibo, which together advise Chinese people on how to guard against a terror attack and how to respond should one occur. The post quickly became one of the most blogged-about items on Friday.

CCTV's guidelines come in the wake of a recent spate of attacks in China, including one Thursday that killed dozens in a market in Urumqi, capital of China's western Xinjiang region.

In its post, CCTV urged individuals, families, communities and schools to be vigilant against terror threats and plan for such eventualities. Suggested steps included developing personal response plans and drills tailored to include the special needs of the elderly, children and disabled. The state broadcaster also suggested that people read antiterror manuals issued by the government and be on the lookout for suspicious people and items.

The guide, which featured various cartoon-style characters, including one dressed in a superhero costume, also offered advice to those caught up in an attack. Don't stop and stare, leave the area immediately, the guide advised. If escape is not possible, then look for places to take shelter, it added. If terrorists toss liquids or set off gases, cover your mouth and nose with a cloth and leave immediately. People additionally are advised to keep quiet and not shout and scream, the guide said, and should avoid provoking attackers.

In an age of social media, it also urged onlookers to refrain from shooting photos on their cell phones or posting them to social media sites such as Weibo. The guide didn't elaborate as to why.

The remainder of the guide offered a first aid refresher course, including instructions on how to control bleeding by tearing clothing to make bandages. It also warned against removing knives from stab wounds and outlined resuscitation techniques. As well, the guide asked people to help shock victims by speaking calmly to them and offer assistance in reaching their loved ones.

Many commenting on the guide online said they were deeply worried about terror attacks in the country. 'Please spend one minute reading it carefully. Maybe you could save yourself or others' lives one day,' wrote one verified Weibo user.

'If possible, more emergency drills should be organized in places where terrorism occurs frequently,' another verified user wrote.

CCTV's initiative comes at time of heightened security measures. On Friday morning in Shanghai, China Real Time spotted a soldier carrying a rifle at the entrance to Xiangyang Park--a place popular with qigong practitioners by day and dancing and singing elderly folk by night.

Meanwhile in Beijing, authorities are beefing up security patrols that will now cover the skies, as well as subways and the streets. Five police helicopters will be dispatched to patrol the city, targeting 14 major areas of the city in particular, including the busy shopping district of Wangfujing and Beijing Railway Station.

'Once an emergency happens, nearby armed police will take one minute to rush to these areas,' China Daily quoted the deputy director of Beijing's Public Security Bureau as saying. In the past, police were unarmed and took 10 minutes to arrive, the paper said.





该指南配有各种卡通风格的人物,其中一个身穿超人装。指南还为遇到恐怖袭击事件的人提供了建议。指南中建议,遇到恐怖袭击事件不要围观,应立即离开。指南还说,如果正处在恐怖袭击事件现场,且无法逃避时,应利用地形、遮蔽物遮掩、躲藏。如遇恐怖事件实施者抛 不明气体或液体,应迅速躲避,且用毛巾、衣物等捂住口鼻。指南说,尽量保持沉着冷静,不要惊恐喊叫,应避险刺激袭击者。







《中国日报》(China Daily)援引北京市公安局副局长张兵的话报道,遇到突发事件,警方能够在1分钟以内开展处置。报道称,过去警方巡逻不携带枪支,出警时间要10分钟。



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