【英语中国】两位加拿大公民涉嫌窃密被中国调查 Beijing investigates two Canadians on spying allegations

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2014-8-6 07:21

小艾摘要: Two Canadian citizens who ran a coffee shop on China’s border with NorthKorea are being investigated on suspicion of stealing state secrets,according to China’s official Xinhua news service.Kevin an ...
Beijing investigates two Canadians on spying allegations
Two Canadian citizens who ran a coffee shop on China’s border with North

Korea are being investigated on suspicion of stealing state secrets,

according to China’s official Xinhua news service.

Kevin and Julie Dawn Garratt had been living in China since

1984 and had opened Peter’s Coffee House in Dandong in 2008. The

Garratts’ coffee shop was one of few western establishments in the city

and overlooked the Friendship bridge across the Yalu river from China to

North Korea, where Chinese military traffic frequently travels back and

forth across the border.

The Chinese investigation appeared to be a tit-for-tat response

to an announcement by the Canadian government last week that it had

been the victim of a Chinese cyber attack.

“I’m guessing that this might be retaliation for the Canadian

claim that Chinese state actors broke into Canadian computer systems,”

said Shi Yinhong, director of the Centre of American Studies at

Beijing’s Renmin University. “These mutual accusations of spying paint

an ugly shadow on the picture of bilateral relations.”

Wang Junsheng, of the Institute of International Relations at

the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing, suggested the move

might be intended to show that China was also a victim of espionage.

“The western world has been frequently accusing China of

hacking and spying recently,” he said. “We may guess that this is

China’s way of reminding people that there is a lot of penetration into

China as well.”

Canada’s government alleged last week that its National

Research Council had been hacked by “a highly sophisticated Chinese

state-sponsored actor”.

China dismissed the claim and said the accusation was “irresponsible”.

Canada’s embassy in Beijing said

yesterday it was aware of reports that two of its citizens had been

“placed under investigation” and that it was still gathering information

about the case.

The Xinhua report did not say whether the couple had been

detained but their 27-year-old son Simeon, who lives in Vancouver, told

the BBC that he had not been able to contact his parents since Monday


“They were going to dinner with a couple of friends, and some

time between dinner and later that night their phones were turned off

and no one has really heard from them [since],” he said.

Mr Garratt said the accusation of espionage was “a joke”, adding: “I thought it was absurd. It makes absolutely no sense.”

The location of the Garratts’ coffee shop on such a sensitive

border crossing may have raised eyebrows at China’s state security

bureau. However, the coffee shop’s website says it is metres from the

Friendship Bridge and the “perfect stop-off while en route to or

returning from the Hermit Kingdom”.


凯文?高(Kevin Garratt)和朱莉亚(Julia Dawn Garratt)从1984年起长期居住在中国,并于2008年在丹东开设了彼得咖啡室(Peter’s Coffee House)。两人的咖啡店是西方人在丹东开设的为数不多的店铺之一,从咖啡店可以看到横跨鸭绿江的中朝友谊桥。





加拿大政府上周指控,加拿大国家研究委员会(National Research Council)的计算机系统遭到“一名极其老练的得到中国政府支持的行动者”的黑客攻击。






夫妇二人的咖啡店位于非常敏感的中朝边境,这可能让中国的国家安全部门产生怀疑。然而,这家咖啡店的网站称,咖啡店距离友谊桥仅有数米之遥,“是来往隐士王国(Hermit Kingdom,指朝鲜——译者注)的绝佳停留地”。


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